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Tuesday, 5 April 2011


hello, nice to meet you
honestly i have never done this before but some of my friends do it so i thought hey what the hell. i cant promise to always be a happy bunny but i also wont be a depressing cow... hah .. so yeah i hope you come back and keep reading my bloggy bloggy blog blog .. i don't know if i will be able to keep this up regularly  I'm not very good with committing with things lol ...
so at the moment I'm sitting in my bed listening to music, on my facebook and blogging :D so exciting .. i know right ... O.o
the reason i mostly started this is because i have strong opinions on things!!! for instance today i was watching "16 and pregnant" (i usually watch this and teen mum because I'm a broody person haha) anyway yeah i was watching it and there was this girl and she dissided to give her baby up for adoption .. which yeah I'm OK with because it would be best for the child.. BUT then it got to the point where she had had her baby and she was screaming and shouting at everyone to leave her baby be and told them they couldn't have her .. that's when i realised ... "if i were in that position i know for a fact i wouldn't be able to do it ... i mean giving a baby up for adoption .. loosing something you created ..not being able to dress them every day or send them to school or hold them when they cry .. " i hope i never get into that situation but if i did .. i would have to keep the baby . i wouldn't be able to give it up i mean carrying them for 9 months and then letting someone else have them god it would kill me. at the end of the program I'm sitting there in floods of tears.. (yes I'm sad) haha.. but yeah what do you think?
and also another thing you should know about me.. i like the idea of being a mum .. I'm broody all the time.. I'm protective over my friends.. i love children and i get very jealous of people with baby's haha ...

so yes umm hope you liked my little speech .. :)

blog back soon